Our Tiny House Project



This tiny home was designed by The Homestead Partners. It may, or may not, be one of the plans selected for our homes.

Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in Kearny, Arizona, seeks to address the shortage of rental units in Kearny and to reduce isolation and increase community for singles/couples by building, and then renting out, a dozen tiny homes.   


We think there are many who would be attracted to this style of community:

1. Local seniors who find their current home too large to care for but who wish to continue living in the Copper Corridor.

2. Snowbirds who would like to secure a dwelling to return to annually – an alternative to local trailer parks.

3. School teachers, particularly new ones, who aren’t in the position to purchase a house and who would find a tiny house adjacent to the school extremely attractive.

4. Millennials who have no desire to purchase a home or who do not yet have the financial capacity to do so.

5. Hirees at the mines who would rather live locally than commute to the valley.

6. Avid outdoor lovers who would like to work remotely while enjoying proximity to the great outdoors and the Arizona Trail. 


We are asking that anyone who thinks they could realistically rent a tiny home at an affordable price in 2021 or 2022 kindly fill out our questionnaire. It will help us plan and convince funders that this is a realistic project.  


Here's the questionnaire.  You will need to download it by clicking on the DOWNLOAD tab at the top of the page. 


Community Survey - tiny houses.pdf